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Landscape & Water Creations knows that landscaping your personal property or business location is much more than just planting a few trees and bushes, or laying out some concrete blocks and planting some flowers.

Landscaping consists of designing harmonizing hardscapes, water features, and greenscapes. Hardscapes include paved and permanent elements incorporated in the design and layout, water features incorporate stress relieving sights and sounds with waterfalls and streams, while greenscapes are obviously the plants, trees, shrubs and flowers. It is also important to consider location of the property, layout of your buildings and your neighboring property, drainage and natural surroundings.

At Landscape & Water Creations we will develop a design package for you. We incorporate your lifestyle and desires to create an effective design that will suit you well into the future. Let our professional landscaping design staff sit down with you and create a beautiful design that you will enjoy for years to come.

One of the side effects of creating a design “road map” is the process can enable you to build your project at a lower cost. Our plans may be implemented all at once, or phased over a period of time to coincide with your budget. It's your decision. The result is a combination of coherent outdoor spaces that relate to each other.

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